Corpo Dynamic

Corpo noun 1. body.

As the description mentions, an evolution occurs and therefore we are but only for a moment the current version of ourself and in the same vane, only who we want to be, as long as we want to be.

Chris, the owner of Corpo Fitness, LLC began a journey after moving to Colorado more than 10 years ago. Feeling very unhappy with his body image, energy, and overall ability to function triggered something inside. Standing in the mirror hating the way he looked, Chris was facing an emotional rock bottom. He was eating in despair to find comfort. And with most rock bottoms a choice is made to either disappear or rise above. So, in this case, Chris chose the latter. A commitment to running the Colfax Marathon of 2011 was created. Like many, a personal trainer was the key to his success. Working for 6 months with the trainer, Chris leaned out, snapped up, and had a new found appreciation for hard work and dedication and for once called himself a "runner." He then turned that one marathon into 3 in the next 2 years and continues to find ways to push himself beyond what the mind believes and achieves something the body can do.

Having met his future wife who he admired for her determination to compete in triathlons, cycling events, and eventually her first half marathon, where he proposed, Chris then decided he wanted to coach others in helping them make a change for themselves. Providing support for their corpo ("body" in Italian), Chris travels as a mobile trainer to homes, the nearest park, apartment gym or wherever, to help you get fit, feel great and move better.

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