You can find workouts and programs a plenty online. At Corpo Fitness, we identify your specific fitness and health goals and program to those areas needing focus.

The Corpo Fitness model takes into account the following principles and values when designing a program for you. How and why certain exercises are put together is where the true dedication to you and your program comes to fruition:

Collaboration: Creating a partnership between client and trainer is paramount to your success by developing trust and confidence between you and your trainer.
Organization: Your trainer will be prepared at each session with a plan in mind. Adaptations and modifications are expected depending on how you might feel that day or what the weather is doing if exercising outside.
Results: The outcome of any training program truly does come down to the commitment from the client in actually implementing what is designed for you. When you are in the living room with your dumbbells and resistance bands the true test begins
Patience: Change is challenging. However, if you put in the work, the change will come, inch-by-inch, rep-by-rep
Openness: Open-hearted, open-minded, and honest. Corpo Fitness prides itself in supporting all persons wishing to "form a body of health" and will do so in a respectful and affirming way. Your safety and goals are primary. When you need a nudge we'll be there and when you're putting in the work, we'll encourage and support you all the way!