Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coaching the Coach

You've probably heard the phrase, "The student becomes the teacher." Well what about when the Coach is being coached? Often times it's easy for the teacher, coach, trainer, whatever "leader" roll to identify the areas of need in another. We go to the "experts" for the answers but who does the expert go to for their guidance?

As a health and fitness coach, I want nothing more than my clients and those interested in being happier and healthier, to achieve their goals. One of the hardest parts is knowing when to "give and let live." Giving involves sometimes simply answering the question presented, sometimes the instant gratification approach. The other side of that balance is to "let live" - Aiding the client in a discovery process.

This is how we approach coaching at Corpo Fitness. Through Corpo Coaching, you get introspective questions presented that challenge you to go deeper with the behaviors and emotions associated with your past, present, and future relationship journey with nutrition and exercise.

Some may think that year long commitment is too long. Well, think about the last time you stuck to something for a year? A lease, a job, a gym-membership...how did those turn out? Not many things in life are measured in a year. We have '30-day shreds', '21-day fixes','90 days to a hot body' but a year?Now that's real change.

As with anything longterm, there are ebbs and flows, ups and downs, so a year gives you the freedom and flexibility each day, week and month to absorb and put to practice the tips and habits that you're exposed to through the curriculum.

All this is to say that, even as a coach, I too struggle with consistency, with the ups and downs of life. And all the processes of change combined help me learn as well. But I can say, having a community to call my own and with whom to share this journey is rewarding and life-giving. Join me in "forming a body of health" together!