Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New year, new...developing you!

With all new years come the notorious new year's resolutions. Although the turn of the number is a great marker, often I feel people put off what they can start today.

One of the challenges is there is so much information out in the world so finding something easy to start can be challenging. And here I am contributing to more "noise." But hopefully it inspires someone, somehow, with some thing you can take away and apply to your situation.

The Partnership for a Healthier America provides some simple "Healthy Resolutions" that you may already be applying, but can add to your arsenal of tips and tricks to live healthier, cleaner, and more more fit!

Healthy Resolutions

•    Collaborate in the kitchen. Solicit ideas from all of your family about nutritious foods you can stock in the refrigerator and cupboard. Even better, encourage everyone to suggest favorite healthy recipes you can cook and bake together.

•    Move the sweets. Most of us eat what we see. If sweets are easy to see and grab, they’re easy to eat.  Put sweets up and out of reach and move fruit and nuts to eye level. It’s amazing how easy it is to grab an apple if it’s out on the coffee table; and how easy it is to skip the sweets if they’re away in a cupboard.

•    Move towards a bigger goal. Is there a 5K race in your community for a cause that is important to your family? There are plenty of opportunities to have a healthy heart of gold. Sign-up the whole family up for a run or walk and then carve out time in the afternoons or the weekends to get moving together.

•    Travel well. When planning your next family vacation, explore what active options are available. Reach out to the hotel concierge in advance to find out if there’s a fun neighborhood to explore on foot, a charming lake to canoe, a beautiful beach to walk or an easy bike ride the whole family can enjoy.

•    Make progress a dinner topic. Hold candid conversations about the successes and the challenges you’re experiencing with swapping out unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Change isn’t easy but with the right support, parents and children can help each other lead healthier lives.


Food Resolution

Strive to eat at home more! Some people don't like to cook-enough said, however, cooking together as PHA states in their resolutions above, is also a great time to catch up on the day, learn about new foods and recipes, and save money!

One client and their family have found success and less stress in utilizing food preparation services such as https://dreamdinners.com/ With an ever changing menu and quick turn around times from fridge to table, this could be a great solution to keep costs down and taste buds satisfied.

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