Sunday, April 3, 2016

"Weather" you want to or not.

That's right, it is sunny, blue-skies, and almost 70 degrees in Colorado. I am sitting here outside a coffee shop with my wife while she works on her school work and I work on my business. Who could ask for anything more?

So, why aren't we out hiking, biking, or running in this beautiful weather? Good question. I was in bed until 9:45am this morning, got up, walked the dogs, and then went to brunch. Then dropped off the dogs at the groomer and now here we are almost to 3 o'clock this afternoon and haven't even gotten 5000 steps in yet.

Rest and recovery comes in all forms. Foam rolling tightness to death and doing mobility exercises is not the only way to recover. Sometimes, your mind and body both need to just veg-out. Yes, the Netflix marathons are moderation of course :) Especially when two days prior I was maxing out on deadlifts-so my hamstrings are still "speaking" to me.

Getting on the treadmill to do a steady-state workout for some quick cardio and recovery is still a fine "rest day" activity. The recommended 150 mins of moderate intensity exercise is still recommended per the government, so find a creative way to accomplish that with the family.

The "Take-3"
1. Speed walk with the kids or dogs. Intensify the regularly scheduled activities that just seem like chores. Have to fold laundry? How quickly can you do it and how many rounds for time? There's a lot of arm engagement in folding clothes and if you have to run up and down stairs to the basement to get to the washer and dryer, even better!

2. Sitting in the sun is a "passive-warmup." You don't have to jog in place, perform 100 jumping jacks or jump rope your way to a warmup. A hot shower or soaking up the rays can be enough to get the body heated up and awake to start your movement preparation for your exercise. Plus, the Vitamin D is essential to your overall health and wellness.

3. Come rain or shine. Let's face it, no one likes to run in the rain or snow-well, some do, but it can be a beneficial element to increase intensity in any workout. You'll tend to run faster to get out of the rain and to stay warm in the snow. Plus, running in the different elements changes your body's proprioception: the ability to know where in space your body is moving. The snow creates an unbalanced surface that requires more neuromuscular response which in turn increases energy demand equating to a higher calorie burn. So, mix it up but don't slip!

In health,
Corpo Fitness