Friday, February 19, 2016

Squeeze your butt!

The glutes: Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus. Some of the most important muscles in our hip region or "pelvo-hip complex" as it is sometimes called. But, one of the most underutilized group of muscles. Why? How? It's our butt right? We sit on it everyday, it must be doing something...Well, it is, padding your tush from getting sore by sitting on your pelvis or hip bones.

I want you to try something. If you're sitting, stand up. Just right there, stand up (paying mind to your surroundings of course and if you're driving, well hopefully you're not reading this while driving!)

So, how'd that go? You stood up, so mission accomplished right? Well, now, sit back down. This time, squeeze your butt like you're trying to keep gas from coming out (Oh please, we ALL fart) and hold it for a couple seconds. Do that three times.

Now, stand up again and squeeze your butt as you rise. Easier? Should have been. That's because the major muscle, the Gluteus Maximus, is a major component in hip extension.

When you walk and your leg crosses the body and extends behind you=hip extension. When you are sitting and your thighs move from parallel to straight=hip extension. So, when you walk, when you stand, squeeze your butt! You will move with more strength and stability!

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-Corpo Fitness