Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Change on the horizon...

Dear Corpo Community,

Along with your own journey to health, what goes on behind the scenes is the parallel journey that I take with you: investing hours outside our sessions programming, scheduling, designing, tweaking, testing, reading, learning, about you, your needs and how to help you be a better version of you.

After certifying with the National Academy of Sport Medicine over 3 years ago, completing hours of continuing education and running Corpo Fitness, I’ve learned so much about myself, my clients, the fitness industry and what it takes to compete not only with myself, but with the industry. I’ve also learned about the sacrifice it takes of time, my own health and wellness, and money. And am coming up spent mentally, physically, and emotionally.

With the recent addition of our son, many things have come into focus and the reality has set in that I can no longer maintain, at this time, the efforts I need and want to put into my business to ensure all my clients are cared for in the way I want them to be. Especially with a new full-time Supervisor of IT Support in my current daytime job.

Corpo Fitness will complete it’s last set for now, take a rest and recovery and maybe one day return to the arena of fitness. But so that I can focus on my family and my own health, I have to step away.

For those who have current sessions or memberships, we will discuss a game plan to continue on and complete your training this week. If you’d like a referral, I have some contacts who can support the same “Mobile Trainer” model that I have provided as a service.

I am truly grateful for the trust each of my clients has put into Corpo Fitness and will help however I can to do what is right to support your goals and transition you into the next phase. I wish you nothing but continued success for the future ahead and hope at a minimum, I’ve coached you to discover your inner strength and capacity for change all to “form a body of health.”

Monday, January 1, 2018

New year, new day, continuing you...

Happy New Year! We hear it every year, "new year, new you!" It draws us in, puts a timeline on our change as though we're not changing right here and right now. Every minute of every day, we're creating new ideas and directions for our lives to create the best outcome possible.

But we never know. We truly never know if today is the day for the best version of ourselves, or if we're going to follow through on the commitments we've made, or achieve all that we hoped for. Life happens and unfortunately there is no pause button. We have to learn to adapt, overcome, celebrate, and continue forward to discover who we are and who we can become.

We can't ignore the past. It never leaves us. The experiences we've had form who we are today and who we will become in the future ahead.

The Corpo Fitness slogan, "forming a body of health," is a reminder that we are constantly working to create not only a healthy, fit, confident version of ourselves, but that process is contributing to the health of all those in our lives, community, and world.

As you set your goals for the new year, think about what habits you want to improve upon, new ones to adopt, and old ones to put aside. How will you achieve those changes? Having an organized, intentional process can help you formulate your "Owner's Manual" in the Corpo Coaching programs we offer with Precision Nutrition science and research backed systems to help you achieve your goals of being the best version of you in 2018!

Peace and health this day and those to follow in this new year!
Coach Chris

Friday, November 24, 2017

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